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Promotion of Competition

  • Intervention on anti-competitive practices operating against public interest.
    Examinations are initiated on our own to identify for possible anti-competitive practices operating against the public interest.
  • Handling complaints from trade.
    Any business can complain in respect of an alleged anti-competitive practice and prohibited practice make written submissions to the Consumer Affairs Authority
    • Based on prima facie evidence on anti-competitive practice, Competition Promotion Division will conduct an inquiry and may refer to the Consumer Affairs Council. If an anti-competitive practice exists and the Council is satisfied, that operates or likely to operate against “public interest” oppose or terminate that activity.
    • If Council is satisfied, endorses or authorizes such activity, on prohibited practices Authority shall conduct an inquiry considering it is guilty of an offence and prosecute.
      • Identification of market structure and manipulation.
        Statistical data collection and analysis of market conditions are carried out. This is aimed in order to get the efficiency in the market and economy.
      • Market research, recommending safeguards and price monitoring.
        With the view to promoting competition in market, Authority has been bolstering its analysis and research through the Competition Promotion Division on dominant industries.
      • Awareness on healthy Competition.
        Competition Promotion division has developed awareness materials tailored to trade/business in order to prevent Authority Act violation and under privileged consumers for a more systematic consumer protection. We propose for a jointly organized discussion forum to discuss the practical anti-competitive problems faced by the trade.
      • Maintaining level playing field for fostering Competition (MRP Administration)
        Protection of local industries through promotion of level playing field. In this regard few consumer goods have been identified to price mark with MRP at the time of importation and are being administered along with Department of Customs and monitored by this division.

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