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Workshop of empowering women in rights and responsibilities

With the purpose of building a society which is well consisted with consumer rights & responsibilities consumer affairs & information division of consumer affairs authority had organized by one day workshop on 31st October 2013 from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm at Sri Lanka foundation institute, for the members of selected women’s organization.

For these workshop participated under the below invited guests. Mr. G.K.D. Amarawardena secretary ministry of co-operative & internal trade, Miss. Kanthi Perera secretary ministry of Educational services, Miss. Princy Jayathumga secretary ministry of parliamentary Affairs, Mr. J.M. Mangalathissa Additional secretary ministry of co-operative & internal trade, Miss. Renuka Ekanayake Additional secretary ministry of Technology & Research, Mr. Roomy Murshook Chairmen consumer Affairs Authority, Mr. Milton Amarasinghe, Sunil Jayaweera Executive directors of consumer Affairs Authority, Mr. J.M.A. Duglas Director General consumer Affairs Authority, Mrs. Chandrika Thilakarathne director CA& I All other Directors & Deputy directors in the consumer Affairs Authority, Officers of the All district office an also members of the selected women’s organization.

Not only consumer Affairs Authority Officers participated these program but also participated under the below resource persons, Sumithra Rahubadda (renowned writer) former secretary ministry of child development & women’s Affairs, was addressing the gathered on role of women in creating knowledgeable and empowerd consumer society. Mrs. Chandrika Thilakarathne director CA & I consumer Affairs Authority was addressing the gathered on Rights and responsibilities of consumer and in what ways the CAA assist in safeguarding consumers. Dr. Shanthi Gunawardena Head of the Nutriotion coordination division Ministry of health was addressing the gathered on Basic nutrition facts that you must be Aware in Keeping your family healthy. Waruni Perera cooking presenter was addressing the gathered on practical session on how to prepare a healthier breakfast for your family in short time and for low cost. Ms. Samadani Kiriwandeniya (chairperson SANASA) was addressing the gathered on in what ways the correct decision making in the market was contribute effective management of home economy. Finally Miss. Samantha Karunarathne deputy director CA & I consumer Affairs Authority was addressing the gathered on how can you raise your voice as members of an active consumer organization.

The main objective of this workshop was to enhance the knowledge of women in Colombo districts on consumer rights & responsibilities. This program will be conducted island wide in future with the purpose of establishing a well protected consumer society.

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